The Supply And Use Of The Ultrasonic Horn

To you, your business may be unique, and indeed it is as it caters for a specific group of clients, but the source and supply of the much needed ultrasonic horn is catering for a whole host of other industries as well. The design, manufacture and supply of the branson ultrasonic horn caters for metal and plastic welding processes. These processes in turn take care of the packaging industries. A Branson ultrasonic horn is used in textile cutting processes, sealing, degassing and debubbling, as well as material sieving.

branson ultrasonic horn

As is well known, the food processing industries is vast. While liquid processing is conducted, ultrasonic food cutting processes are also being carried out. The materials that go into the building of the ultrasonic horn will vary, including aluminum, hardened steel and titanium, all depending on the type of application required for your industrial business. Duplications of original equipment can be carried out, taking into account amplitude, part composition and required welding areas. Worn horns can be resurfaced and retuned as well.

Before new or remodeled horns are supplied to the client they will be tested thoroughly. Along with the horn, the booster and convertor will be checked out as well. Manufacturers can make assembly design recommendations for new and existing clients. Existing applications are addressed for any assembly problems before rebuilding commences. Best processes and its accompanying equipment will always be recommended. For those still fixed on budgetary constraints, used or second hand equipment will always be available.

Consider the unique features of your existing business and you can be certain that these engineers will be able to come up with a design that perfectly matches your new requirements going forward. Do consult with them as directly as possible to make the collaboration a successful one.