Tips For Safely Going Through A Construction Zone

While consistent maintenance, the construction of new roadways, and renovating existing roadways are all necessary inconveniences while you go about your commute, they can also be considerably dangerous for drivers. Aside from the obvious risk of coming into contact with a worker or machine that is working on the road, you also have to be cautious about the people who are around you in a construction zone. Especially in heavy traffic, construction zones can potentially be dangerous and any damages that are done while in the construction zone are incredibly costly. If you would like to learn how to be safer in a construction zone, here are some tips that should help you out.

The most important part of being a responsible driver in a construction zone is being aware of the zone itself. If you aren’t paying attention as you enter a construction zone, you aren’t prepared to avoid any would-be incident that could injure yourself, other people, or expensive construction machinery. You should absolutely always be on the lookout for those infamous orange “work area” signs and flaggers. 

There are two main types of flagging methods that construction workers use in work areas on the road. There is the most common method that involves a man and a flag manually directing traffic according to the current work being done. Then there are things like an automated flagger assistance device, which look like street lights posted on a dolly that function independently and direct traffic flow. Either way, if you see these things, you should know to take it slow and keep your eyes peeled.

automated flagger assistance device

Most commonly with road work, there are large trucks that are moving about from one side of the road to the other. Be sure that you are keeping your distance as you approach or pass these trucks as debris can damage your vehicle or even yourself.