You Are Not Mounting A Tower of Babel When You Carry Out Effective Transcriptions Today

Those of you who are familiar with the Biblical text will be at least familiar with the old tale on the Tower of Babel. The story goes that residents of Babel wanted to construct a building so high that they could quite literally reach out to the gods. Not only did they fail miserably at this but they were furiously stopped in their tracks. At that ancient time, they were dealing with a jealous god who seemed to be saying to them; how dare you.

How dare you try to come so close to me without asking for my express permission? In punishment, the folks down below were scattered across the earth and condemned to speak a thousand and more different languages so as to never understand each other. Today, readers will say that this makes no sense. It is what causes wars to be fought. It’s true. All it takes is one cue of misunderstanding. Today, god surely approves of all the technologies available today to help people from all walks of life communicate better with each other and understand each other better.

The use of digital transcription equipment makes this possible. The device makes accurate records of all conversations, discussions, lectures and meetings. The digital technology is now essential, not just effective, in blocking out all surrounding and exterior noise that disempowers receivers of important messages. Once the recording process is completed, the device’s user can transfer data to a software data base and begin the process of a reinterpretation and cleaning of all material received.

digital transcription equipment

It can then be transferred to a document base or to a new voice recording more easily heard and understood. Not a mountain to climb at all.